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Central Heating System Power Flushing Cost

The central heating system is a heavy power consumer in any home. It is, therefore, of critical importance to ensure that the system functions as efficiently as possible. Power flushing is among the best ways of ensuring that your central heating system runs. This cleaning process gets rid of any sludge that accumulates in the system’s pipes, heater exchangers, and radiators. Aside from ensuring your central heating system runs efficiently, getting rid of the sludge negates the potential of scale building up and corrosion taking place. You also benefit from reduced noise and faster heating.

With this in mind, herein we will explore the cost of power flushing your central heating system. While understanding the benefits of this service is important, it is equally important to acquaint yourself with how much you should pay for the service.

The average power flush cost ranges from £300 to £500. This depends on your location, the number of radiators you have in our house, the extent of the problems in your system, and the type of company you contract �” a large or small company. The labour costs vary from location to location across the UK or even across a city. For instance, you can expect to pay more for power flushing services while you live in the London than some other cities. Expertpowerflush.co.uk although based in London provides reasonable prices

With regards to the number of radiators you have, you can expect to pay more when you have higher a number of radiators to be serviced. With each additional radiator, there is an additional charge to pay in terms of labour costs as well as materials costs. Typically, the first radiator will cost £99-£100. The next four radiators will cost you anywhere from £75 to £80 each to be serviced. Any additional radiators will cost you anywhere from £40 to £50.

However, you should note that these estimates are for central heating systems that do not have a major problem that warrants extra labour and or materials. When the extent of sludge problem is large, you can expect the engineer to spend more than the typical one day working on your system. This will increase the labour cost. Additionally, extensive problems might necessitate the replacement of various parts, thereby pushing the cost up.

Finally, the radiator flush company you hire will vary the cost. There are companies that have higher overhead costs as they operate from expensive locations and have higher running costs, with the extra burden being passed onto the consumer.